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Revitalizing, totally regenerating, powerful anti-ageing firming gel complex. Contains Hibiscus, ‘Botox Plant’ to lift, firm increase skin elasticity and regenerate skin stem cells.  Natural Fruit Extracts rich in anti-oxidants, naturally fight free radicals on the skin to restore,  firm smooth lines, repair skin cells and boost collagen and fade dark spots. Baobab Oil 'Tree of Life' holds moisture and restores the skin. Gota Kola Stem Extract improves skin elasticity and new cell growth. Rice Bran natural antioxidant Ferulic Acid protects the skin and at the same time neutralises damaging free radicals. 

Aroma of refreshing Neroli citrusy notes uplifts the senses, calm gives a lovely feeling of inner peace and contentment. Geranium helps alleviate stress and anxiety, improves sleep and meditation. Rose uplifting, self comforting. antidepressant. Frankincense gives feeling of emotional stability and inspiration.

These natural aroma oils will also benefit a number of menopause-related symptoms.

For extra benefit: Before you apply it to the face and neck put the gel between the palms, press palms together then place hands over face inhale the natural aromas. Then press hands onto skin and massage Stemcell Energising Elixir over the face and neck.

Apply a small amount and blend over clean skin. Enjoy the aroma notes and amazing added benefits



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