The skincare therapist behind ANITY has a deep understanding of skin and skincare. With years experience in the beauty and wellness profession, through seminars and lectures in both Europe and the UK, TV appearances and skincare articles, she has shared her vast skincare and wellbeing knowledge and expertise with others, advocating the benefits of the use of high performance ingredients, proper and natural skincare practices and correct skincare choices.

The Cotswolds, where ANITY is produced, is a picturesque region known for its natural beauty and tranquillity. It is the perfect setting for creating a skincare range that is rooted in nature, harmony and balance.

Jayne, the therapist who created ANITY has drawn inspiration from her surroundings and vast skincare experience. Incorporating only ethically sourced highest quality natural ingredients that are chemical and cruelty-free, eco, vegan and gluten friendly and only using 100% natural aromas. 

Jayne, decided to create ANITY from her passion and love for skincare and also out of her own personal journey of self-discovery and healing. After quietly enduring a mentally abusive narcistic marriage that left her at times feeling totally isolated, mentally abused and stripped of her personal finances and self-worth, she made the courageous decision to reclaim her life and channel her experiences into something positive. Drawing on her passion for skincare, yoga and wellness, she decided to create a brand that that not only nurtures the skin with the science of nature but also works on body chakras, well-being and senses.

'I chose the name ANITY itself as a reflection of this philosophy, combining the words "anima" and "unity," symbolizing the harmonious relationship between inner and outer beauty. I believe true beauty not only comes from nature, correct skincare and organic ingredients but also comes from within, looking after both our physical and emotional well-being, we can achieve a sense of beauty, wholeness and balance. 

 Jayne Montgomery

‘Nature create the ingredients ....ANITY creates the experience!’