Anity Yoga

Anity and yoga

ANITY is the culmination of much research following yoga traditions that have been used for centuries how essential oils, natural ingredients and aromas have therapeutic benefits.

ANITY products follow these traditions for the skin, wellbeing, senses, body chakras. Ensuring skin health from the outside in.

ANITY has formulated their products to work alongside ancient traditions to include natural, organic ingredients and aromatherapy oils so they work on the skin and at the same time the senses and body chakras. In ancient times Yoga, natural plants and aromas have been connected.

Anity and body chakras

Chakras are an energetic body force contained within our physical body. It includes a complex network of channels that allow the energy flow that keeps us alive and functioning.

In yogic philosophy, energetic channels are called nadis, and they function like micro-highways for the flow of prana, or life force energy. They run along the spine and carry energy from one chakra to another.

Chakras respond well to certain natural aromas that complement the energy. ANITY natural products have been specifically formulated to work with the individual body chakras.

Anity enhances yoga and exercise

Yoga and exercise greatly help wellbeing, increases blood flow, nourishment to body organs, body function and positive effect on the skin. ANITY natural skin care is like an exercise for the skin boosting the skin giving it a smooth, hydrated and youthful tone.

Yoga together with aroma oils when used together offer holistic practices that can help clear the mind, relax the body, open the soul and focus vinyasas and improve the outcome of your yoga/exercise routine

Yoga includes a breathing-focused practice, with slow, deep breaths the body and senses can disperse ANITY special natural aromas to the necessary areas. Using the same products throughout the day, aromas will remind the body and senses of a yoga practice and help keep and maintain a bodhi mind all day long.