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Enriched with supercharged active natural oils to instantly improve skin elasticity, firmness, plumpness, and smoothness for youthful and rehydrated skin. This luxurious face oil lends new life to the skin and helps to restore its lipid balance.

The velvety face oil does not feel heavy, but melts quickly into the skin, leaving it feeling silky-soft to the touch. The oil can be used on its own or in combination with a moisturiser.

Biloba Seed Oil from the Biloba Tree, ‘Tree of Life’. rich in antioxidants, Vits A, E, D and F and omega fatty acids highly penetrating properties improves skin texture, elasticity, retaining hydration and reduces inflammation. Cranberry Oil high in Vit E and Omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids. Polyphenols enhance cell health and activity of the lipid barrier protects skin from moisture loss.

Passionfruit Oil rich in linoleic acid, helps recover the lipid layer, gives skin a silky appearance. Apricot Oil high content of oleic, linoleic acids and Vitamin E is easily absorbed, resembles skin’s natural oil, acts as an occlusive agent that blocks the loss of skin moisture. Benefits eczema, psoriasis.

Natural aromas of Ylang Ylang and May Chang help clear mental fatigue and lethargy and revitalise wellbeing.

Dehydrated skins


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