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Supercharged active high-performance oil formula. The ultimate way to boost the skin with Omega 6,9 and anti-oxidants to penetrate deep to deliver high concentrated ingredients to restore and deeply hydrate the skin. Enriched with Marula Oil, rich in anti-oxidants, Omega 6,9 high in linoleic content, amino acids, glutamic acid and L-arginine.

Reduces signs of ageing, increases hydration, reduces redness, trans-epidermal water loss. Buriti Oil, rich in Vit E and A. unsaturated fatty acids, helps rebuild skin structure, moisturise, re-hydrate skin cells, soothing qualities help repair scar tissue also a natural SPF. 

Camelina Oil known as ‘Gold of Pleasure’ wealth of restorative properties, Omega 3 fatty acids, powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory helps neutralise formation of harmful free radicals. Apricot Kernel Oil high content of oleic, linoleic acids and Vit E, easily absorbed, resembles the skin’s natural oil acts as an occlusive agent blocks the loss of skin moisture and soothes, instantly improves skin elasticity, firms, plumps, restores, totally rehydrate the skin.

Natural aroma of Neroli wonderful rich, exotic fresh floral scent with refreshing citrusy notes soothe and calm the senses, reduce  anxiety, uplift the senses giving a lovely feeling of inner peace and contentment.
Mature-normal skins

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