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Light, hydrating refreshing hydration mist with natural-origin ingredients and bursting with powerful plant extracts, designed to instantly hydrate while awakening and nourishing the skin with a formula composed of Aloe Vera, Green Tea Extract and Vitamins. Instantly refreshes, soothes, hydrates, revives the skin and wellbeing. 

Carefully formulated with Aloe Vera for its antimicrobial, soothing, antioxidant, humectant and medical values. Green Tea to improve skin repair and immense anti-ageing properties. Anti-oxidants, Vitamin  A, C, B complex, folic acid, carotene and catechin to help reverse signs of pollution and damage caused by harmful oxidants in UV rays, pollution, chemicals. 

Use to instantly refresh and hydrate the skin during the day and revive and help boost tiredness, wellbeing or refresh the mood.  Use after cleansing. Ideal gentle mist to soothe dry, irritated or sun exposed skin.

Wonderful aroma notes of Bergamot and Lime with its fresh warm spicy and refreshing citrus aroma notes elevate the spirits lifts and clarifies the mind.


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