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Awakening coffee latte caffeine fix for the skin with extra raw sugar exfoliating treatment for tired, sluggish, dull skin. Ultra-fine crushed coffee beans in a wonderful creamy latte cream to gently slough away dead cells, improve microcirculation, help decrease photoaging, calm inflammation and reduce skin pigmentation and fight free radicals. Skin is instantly smooth, energised and radiant. A perfect instant exfoliating treatment for sluggish, tired skin.

 The creamy formula contains added fine raw sugar to aid micro-abrasion and calming Avocado Oil and Shea Butter holistic ingredients soothes and calms inflamed and irritated skin. skin is left totally smooth, replenished and more receptive to further treatments.

The beautiful coffee aroma makes the perfect 'pick me up' not only for the skin but also a great uplifting fix for the mind and senses. 


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